Our History

The first establishment of the club is unfortunately unknown, but the first evidence dates back to  before 1895.  This shows the origin of the club to be through the church, where it was noticed the lack of care for deaf people in the community.

As the group grew, it is thought meetings were held at St. Mary’s Church in Reading; until 1923 when a property in Pell Street was purchased. 

As laws began to change in 1948, Reading Deaf Club received more financial support from local government authorities.

Continuing to grow, 1951 saw the establishment of a ‘Building Fund’ and the club moved into a London Road residence in 1965. 

Over time the direct link to religion decreased, although the Chapel is still a key part of the Centre where regular monthly services take place now.

In 2001 the need for a new property grew once again and, after much searching, the Cardiff Road residency was established.